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Happy Kids

A world where you will find only happy children eager to have fun, to dive into the ballpit, to explore every corner full of surprises!

Happy Kids - the place where children are truly happy and parents will relax at Bierhaus 67 or at TECADRA Restaurant.



Happy Kids is the playground where the kids can play freely, everyday and the parents can join them and dine in Tecadra’s Restaurant or in the Bierhaus 67.


Parties/ Events

At Happy Kids the children will be happy at every party and they will enjoy every moment spent here.

Let’s have fun together to a party as you dreamed!



Ioana - 0723502343

The prices are very affordable:


Children’s party package includes:


And for that party to be an even more fascinating we can offer:



Snake Menu

Mini chicken skewers

Boiled potatoes

Green salad

Water and Prigat natural juice



Bear Menu

Chicken fingers with sesame

French fries

Tomatoes and cucumbers salad

Water and Prigat natural juice


Monkey Menu

Grilled chicken breast

Mashed potato

Cabbage salad

Water and Prigat natural juice

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restaurant photo
restaurant photo